Lipo Aspiration Clinical Techniques, Acquisition, Processing

Lipo Aspiration:

Clinical Techniques, Acquisition, Processing

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About this course

This  HANDS-ON course will allow the learner to observe the mechanical steps involved in the acquisition process and clinical applications of adipose-derived biologics as well as cell counting techniques.

This hands-on training includes equipment demonstration, as well as techniques and selective strategies that may be used for optimized adipose-related outcomes.

Cadaveric  demonstrations: 

  • Clinical  Techniques 
  • Acquisition
  • Processing
  • Equipment 

Todd Malan, M.D.

Medical Director, Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine, Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center and Roxbury Regenerative

Topic(s) of Interest

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the "process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function".